pH-iltered POOL PARTY

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pH-iltered POOL PARTY

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Bring your suits, flip-flops and towel as Camp Ryan hosts its first ever pH-iltered POOL PARTY at the Grace Hotel. We’ll be pulling out the floatables, beach balls, and of course the Panda will vibe with us (two claps).


Each and only "Early Bird" tickets come with a plus 1! So you can bring a friend!

Also as part of the pH-iltered POOL PARTY, we are asking everyone that attends to support Camp Ryan's pH-iltered initiative in getting 400 bottles of water. Stop by your local bodega or nearby convenient store by Grace hotel and bring as many bottles of water as you wish because on Saturday, July 29th, we will hit the streets and pass out the bottles of water! (Location and Time will be sent out at a later date).


DJ @fab_roc_ will be spinning the tunes and keeping the party going all night.  

fab roc

Check out the venue below

Trust me, this will be an exciting night as we offer you an ultimate indoor pool party experience unlike no other! Tickets are limited so tell a friend and cop yours ASAP.